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1909, 2017

Beach Boys Brighton Dome 30 May 1969

Extract from The Evening Argus dated 31 May 1969

Their first performance set was 75 minutes long, over-running by 15 minutes, to the consternation of the tour manager. But the audience, enjoying the rare treat of a visit of an American act to Brighton, wanted the full Beach Boys’ hit songbook.

They got it and more. The hits came fast, with Carl, Mike and Al alternating on lead vocals, ranging from the now fairly ancient “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” and “God Only Knows” beautifully sung by Carl, to their most recent hit, “I Can Hear Music.”

1210, 2017

Dire Straits Brighton Centre 2 July 1985

Extract from the Evening Argus Wednesday 3 July 1985   

‘Superb Mark plays it Strait’

Dire Straits are not an easy band to write about. They do not go in for funny haircuts or cheap publicity stunts.

What they do is produce some of the most exciting, interesting and challenging music currently available – as the capacity crowd at the Brighton Centre were delighted to discover last night.

The Band, which first came to light in 1977 with the classic rock single ’Sultans of Swing’, is led by Mark Knopfler, a balding 35 years old, ex-teacher and journalist who doesn’t like […]

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