At Brighton Vibes we have a passion for our city. A seaside location filled with history and a wide range of cultures, full of attractions and landmarks. A destination by the sea filled to the brim with shops, restaurants, amusements, bars, pubs and clubs alive with the sound of music.

We are an interactive guide to Brighton in association with local businesses and working with the community organising live music events in venues across the city to promote local Artists, Bands and DJ’s.

Our website features a Music Archive and Blog highlighting World Famous Artists and Bands that performed in Brighton.


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Concorde 2

What’s On: An award-winning Live Music Venue & Nightclub that has played host to a continuously diverse cross-section of events for many many years.


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World Famous Artists and Bands that have performed in Brighton

Celebrities Out’n’About in Sussex

City of Brighton Past and Present


1003, 2017

The Brighton Belle

The Brighton Belle was a named train which was operated by the Southern Railway and subsequently by British Rail from Victoria Station in London to Brighton, on the Sussex coast. Commissioned as the flagship of the Southern Railway’s mass electrification project, which commenced in January 1931, the world’s only electric all-Pullman service ran daily between London Victoria and Brighton from 1 January 1933 until 30 April 1972.

Lord Olivier, like many other theatrical professionals who lived in Brighton, was a regular on the Brighton Belle express train to London.  In 1972 he […]

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