Extract from the Brighton Gazette 8 December 1967  

Music to get your teeth into…

For many of the near-capacity audiences-comprising a large cross-section of Brighton’s young adult population – it was probably the first time that they had heard music at the right level of amplification, free from complaints by landladies and neighbours. The main attraction was Jimi Hendrix, the 22-year-old American negro who based himself in England just over a year ago, and he was well worth the billing. Long-limbed in his flash gear, he strolled on the stage playing his guitar with one hand only. He played it with his teeth, on the floor, and behind his back. “Remember you’ve gotta practice every day” he cracked. Meanwhile, bass guitarist Noel Redding filled in the thick, warm backing for the songs which included the original Hendrix hits of “Hey Joe” and “Purple Haze”.

He closed the show with “Wild Thing” a hard, tearing version of the Troggs’ hit that sent vibrations clear to the waiting crowd outside.

Mel from Brighton remembers…

It was 1967. I was studying for my A-Levels. One morning at school two of my best friends rushed in and said ‘you’ll never guess who’s doing a concert at The Dome’. I couldn’t believe it when they told me that it was Jimi Hendrix.  I asked my mum if I could go and she agreed on the condition that I caught the last bus home at 11 pm.

When Hendrix came on stage, I could not take it all in. Brilliant! He played the guitar with his teeth, played lying down on the stage and the whole place erupted! 

11 pm came and went and guess what? Missed the last bus home to Portslade, had to walk the whole way and got back around 12.30 in the morning. To be greeted by a very irate mother. I knew I was in deep trouble and got grounded for two months.

Guess what? I didn’t care as that night remains one of the best memories of my life.

Image Curtesy of the Brighton Dome