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An NHS Guide!

Hove Park

Very popular with local residents, dog walkers and runners. The park covers almost 40 acres and features a mix of large areas of open grass, mature trees, flower beds and recreational facilities to include a fantastic children’s playground.

Preston Park

The largest urban park in the city. A perfect place to go whether you want to take part in sports or sit and enjoy a picnic on a summer’s day, Due to its size and location, the park is also used as a venue for concerts, circuses, fairs, family days and other events.

Queens Park

Is set in a sheltered valley, perfect for a short stroll and to relax. At the centre is a large wildlife pond, which is a great attraction for visitors, with waterfowl such as Geese and Moorhens to feed with grain and seeds.

St Anne’s Well Gardens

A treat for the tree-lover and will appeal to young and old alike. There is a wide range of native and exotic trees giving the gardens their unique character and providing shelter and tranquillity for wildlife.

The Garden Cafe serves the most delicious cakes.

The Level

A very popular community park that has an International-Standard Skatepark/Wheeled Sports Facility in the northern part of the park.

The park has won many awards since its restoration in 2012.

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